A boy in our son’s class has been abusive and the principal isn’t doing anything about it

Question: My son is in sixth grade and there’s a boy in his class who has major problems! He’s not the only problem though.  My other problem is the principal, who won’t hold any of the kids accountable for their behavior.

The boy has been physically and verbally abusive to several kids. Two years ago, he beat another boy’s head against a wall resulting in a concussion. This past year he stalked yet another boy for months, calling him names and threatening him. He eventually threatened to get a gun and kill the boy he’d been stalking.

The victim told a policeman that works part-time for the school, and boy got only a three day in-school suspension. When this boy’s mother was called, she wasn’t surprised; she reported that he threatens her all the time. This boy is supposed to take medication daily, but he throws it away. This boy also makes racist remarks. The other parents that I’ve talked to are afraid the principal won’t do anything and they don’t want to get involved.

I’m scared to send my son back to school because this kid already picks on my son, and has made reference to getting a gun. Please help.

Answer: Your email to me has most of the text you’ll need for the letter I propose you send to the Principal and the Superintendent of your school:

To Whom it May Concern: I want to formally bring to your attention several matters which have an impact on my son’s safety and well-being, as well as the safety and well-being of other students and staff at the school. [INSERT YOUR TEXT]. My family and community recognize that schools face special challenges these days and we want to be certain our expectations are reasonable. If we’re off base on any of these items, please let us know:

We know that you face bureaucratic, political, and budgetary challenges, but we are relying upon you to take immediate steps toward ensuring a safe environment while our son is at school. Just as we hold you to your duty as principal, so do we ask you to hold us to ours as parents. On this point, please advise us of ways you feel we can help in this matter.

Sincerely yours…’’