Summer Travel: 3 Tips For a Safer Trip - July 16 2018
GDBA Senior Director for Global Protective Services, Chris Pimentel, offers his advice on how to stay safe when traveling this summer.
Government Agency Approves GDBA Training Program for Veterans - July 12 2018
Through GDBA’s On-The-Job training program, eligible Military Veterans and Dependents can utilize their GI Bill® for additional income during the first 2 years of their employment.
What Are We Doing? A New Look at Active Shooter Training - July 3 2018
Hiding under a desk is not a tactical plan that helps anyone, except the shooter.
Public Figures on Stage: How to Protect Them - June 28 2018
Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent and creator of the Bureau’s Close Protection course, James Hamilton, offers some helpful strategies for protecting public figures during Known Public Appearances.
Bodyguards Saving Lives: The Importance of Medical Training - June 21 2018
The most common emergency protectors respond to are medical. Here's why exceptional protectors must be proficient in emergency First Aid and CPR.
Why a “Hands-Off” Security Policy Increases a Company’s Liability - June 6 2018
To improve security and reduce liability, I encourage corporate and enterprise clients to create policies that support -- and don’t contradict -- their expectations for safety.
Introducing the World's Greatest Bodyguard - May 28 2018
For nearly 5 decades, Tom Taylor has protected human life. From patrolling Missouri's madcap rural highways to protecting heads of state in the world's most historic cities, Tom Taylor has lived one hell of a life.
10 Questions Deep: How to Assess your Corporate Security and Executive Protection Teams - May 22 2018
How can Chief Security Officer’s asses their security teams? James Hamilton, GDBA's VP of Protection Strategies, offers a great solution -- go "10 Questions Deep."
Then and Now: Comparing FBI Active Shooter Stats - May 10 2018
From 2011 to 2014, the rate of mass shootings in America tripled. By the end of 2017, things are even worse -- much worse.
Three Questions to Ask before Hiring Estate Security - May 3 2018
How do you hire the best private security for your enterprise or residence? Ask these three questions first.
20 Tips for Close Protection Specialists | GDBA - March 19 2018
Creator of the FBI’s Close Protection School, James Hamilton, shares 20 Quick Tips for Executive Protection –forged by GDBA’s 40 years of protection experience.
Four Ways to Prevent an Assassination - February 27 2018
When a politician stepped out of a Kiev television studio last fall, a bomb detonated – wounding him and killing his bodyguard. Ed Hinman discusses four ways a protector could have prevented this attack.
Prevent School Shootings through Realistic Solutions - February 22 2018
How to prevent school shootings? GDBA’s Vice President for Protection Strategies, James Hamilton, offers real, practical and specific solutions.

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