Bill Duchene

Training & Tactics

Bill began his career as a protector, eventually leading numerous residential protection teams in California and close-protection details across six continents.

Bill has developed training academies and curricula for protectors, clients and their staffs. His training programs include security driving, surveillance detection, stress inoculation, defensive tactics, water rescue, emergency medical care, and tactical firearms. Bill also co-created GDBA’s Active Shooter Prevention and Response methodology, which focuses on awareness and early detection techniques to improve chances of survival during an attack. He has led Active Shooter trainings and exercises for schools, universities, companies and other organizations throughout the world.

Bill has advised several national security agencies, including the FBI and CIA, on incorporating GDBA’s protection philosophy and specially designed training programs.

Prior to joining Gavin de Becker & Associates, Bill served in the United States Marine Corps, where he played key roles during security operations in Somalia. As a certified Marine Firearms Instructor, he taught U.S. and allied military personnel firearms safety and techniques.

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