Castulo Baca

Deputy Director
Quality in Protection

Castulo began his career at GDBA as a protector, eventually establishing and leading dozens of protection assignments for large estates throughout the United States.

As a senior leader in our Protective Security Division, Castulo led sensitive and high-risk close protection assignments throughout Central and South America, where he coordinated with local law enforcement and government agencies to ensure our clients’ safety and privacy.

Castulo also served as an Emergency Medical Technician and as GDBA’s Chief Medical Instructor, where he led dozens of Medical Instructors and ensured the ongoing training and quarterly certification for our entire Protective Security Division.

Castulo has conducted Quality in Protection audits for more than 100 full-time protection details, ensuring every GDBA protector is certified and current on all national and state training requirements and licensing. Additionally, Castulo, ensures every protector and protection team is prepared and compliant with our own mandated training and certification programs.

Prior to joining Gavin de Becker & Associates, Castulo served seven years in the United States Marine Corps, where he played key roles in the elite Embassy Security Battalion, protecting U.S. embassies in Berlin, Riyadh, and Cairo and providing security for the President and Secretary of State during visits to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, respectively.

Castulo is fluent in Spanish.

National Security Experience: Information provided in this brief bio does not include the associate’s background in National Security or military work designated as Secret or Top Secret, and does not include experience that is otherwise non-public.