Dennis Frith

Vice President
Global Intelligence

Dennis has conducted hundreds of security assessments on behalf of at-risk individuals and public figures traveling internationally.  He provides safety recommendations for managing risks such as terrorism, civil unrest, and political instability, and he advises our clients on foreign terror organizations, with an emphasis on the risks posed by lone actors inspired by these groups.  

Dennis also conducts audits of security programs at Fortune-500 companies, with a specialty in Threat Assessment, Investigations, and Intelligence.

Dennis was recruited by our firm after serving as a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer within the National Clandestine Service where he managed operations that led to actionable intelligence collection against high-priority National Security threats.

Dennis holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Whittier College, and a Master of Arts degree in International Studies from Claremont Graduate University.

National Security Experience: Information provided in this brief bio does not include the associate’s background in National Security or military work designated as Secret or Top Secret, and does not include experience that is otherwise non-public.