Ellen Prystajko

Case Management Advisor
Threat Assessment & Management

Ellen is a leading behavioral scientist with a specialty in threat assessment.  She has assessed and managed thousands of cases of inappropriate pursuit, threats, and harassment, including situations involving mentally ill stalkers, disgruntled current and former employees, stalkers who pursue their victims at the workplace, interpersonal stalking, and domestic violence.

Ellen has advised on the development of Workplace Violence Prevention Programs and Policies for federal agencies, hospitals, universities, media entities, and Fortune-500 corporations.  She consults with at-risk individuals, executives, and public figures on critical cases and issues related to privacy.

Ellen was Program Designer for the MOSAIC for Assessment of Threats by Students (MAST).  She provides consultation regarding safety and privacy issues involving children of high-profile families.

Ellen holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree is Social Ecology, specializing in Psychology/Social Behavior, with a minor in Sociology, from the University of California, Irvine. 

She is certified in California as a Domestic Violence Advocate.

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