Morgan Stevens

GDBA Enterprise Services

Morgan directs the firm’s Global Intelligence Operations Division, managing analysts embedded at corporations in the U.S. and internationally.

His teams provide intelligence monitoring on real-time and evolving security and safety issues worldwide, including civil unrest, protests, terrorism, and natural disasters.  Morgan manages risk assessment and mitigation, liaison with Executive Protection and Security teams, and incident response.

Morgan served as an embedded Security Manager for several high-profile technology companies, developing and overseeing programs for Global Intelligence, Global Security Operations, Protective Intelligence, Executive Protection, Critical Incident Response, and Business Continuity.

Morgan served in the British Army, commanding Close Protection Teams assigned to The Royal Family, the President of Malawi, and high-ranking government officials in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He also served as Senior Instructor at the Royal Military Police Close Protection Course.

Morgan is a member of the Register of Chartered Security Professionals through the Security Institute in the United Kingdom.

Morgan was born in Wales, United Kingdom. 

National Security Experience: Information provided in this brief bio does not include the associate’s background in National Security or military work designated as Secret or Top Secret, and does not include experience that is otherwise non-public.