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Protecting At-risk Individuals & Families

GDBA protects several thousand clients, including the 90 most prominent families in the world, and eight of the ten private-sector Americans considered most at risk. We provide consultation on security programs, and protective coverage at home, during travel, and at public appearances. GDBA investigates and assesses threats, and manages cases of inappropriate pursuit. GDBA provides all services related to safety and privacy, including travel logistics and safety, background screening of clients’ prospective employees, and training of clients’ staffs in security awareness.

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Protecting Clients at Residential Estates

GDBA designs and staffs residential protective security programs. Highly trained, highly screened protectors monitor detection systems, manage access control, deter intrusion, and respond to emergencies.

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Protecting Executives & Corporations

GDBA designs and staffs Global Operation Centers (GOCs) at corporate sites. Our security professionals provide physical security at the GOC location, monitor remote sites, and manage access control at multiple corporate locations. Our protectors also lead protection details for high-level executives. GDBA conducts surveillance countermeasure inspections (“bug sweeps”), network and cyber security audits, and due diligence and pre-employment background investigations.

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Protecting Government & Law Enforcement

GDBA is a National Security services provider whose clients have included the CIA, FBI, Defense Intelligence Agency, U.S. Supreme Court Police, U.S. Marshals Service, and police agencies throughout the Nation. GDBA designed MOSAIC Threat Assessment Systems used by many agencies, by the Top 25 Universities, and by State Police agencies protecting 14 Governors.

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Protecting Universities & Schools

GDBA designs and staffs Global Operation Centers (GOCs) on and off campus. Our security professionals provide physical security at the GOC location, monitor remote sites, and manage access control at multiple remote locations. We provide consultation and training to schools and universities on advanced concepts of threat assessment.

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Special Situations

Our firm provides a variety of non-security services, including Personal Logistical Aides who assist clients during travel. These professionals are fully screened, licensed and insured, honorable, reliable, experienced, and committed by contract to Confidentiality. GDBA also provides Estate Managers supported by the resources of our firm, Medical and Emergency Support professionals trained as first-responders, and investigators who conduct screening and training of household staffs.

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Advanced Training Services

Advanced Threat Assessment Academy assembles the best and brightest threat assessment practitioners for the nation’s highest level of training in Threat Assessment and Management.

Active Shooter Prevention Training assists schools, universities, businesses and other organizations in developing practices, policies, and procedures that reduce the likelihood and harms of active shooter situations.

Academy for Protectors offers full immersion training at our 112-acre facility, where students learn GDBA's pioneering techniques in close protection, behavioral awareness, and surveillance detection, and much more.

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MOSAIC Threat Assessment Systems

MOSAIC is a computer-assisted, error avoidance method for professionals conducting comprehensive threat assessments. Designed by a team of experts in psychology, law enforcement, victims’ advocacy, and threat assessment, MOSAIC profoundly improves the decision-making of professionals charged with the responsibility to avert violence.

For anyone affected by domestic violence, GDBA offers a no-cost MOSAIC that can be used to anonymously assess your situation.

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General Public

We have developed the Resources section of this website for the general public. We hope the information and books will be of benefit.

For anyone affected by domestic violence, we provide no-cost risk assessment that can be done anonymously.

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