Bob Martin


Bob Martin is a pioneer in the field of threat assessment. Before joining GDBA, Bob ran the Special Investigations Bureau for LAPD, and served as Commanding Officer of Detective Headquarters Division.

In 1989, Bob created the Nation’s first Threat Management Unit at LAPD, and later founded the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.

Bob has been with GDBA for 23 years, and has been a key member of the development team for several MOSAIC systems, including:

  • MOSAIC for Assessment of Public Figure Pursuit (MAPP)
  • MOSAIC for Assessment of Threats to Judges (MAJ)
  • MOSAIC for Assessment of Domestic Violence (DV-MOSAIC)
  • MOSAIC for Assessment of Threats in the Workplace (MAT‑W)
  • MOSAIC for Assessment of Threats by Students (MAST)

Bob is qualified as an expert in Federal Court on issues related to threat assessment and has provided expert witness testimony on high-profile cases involving safety and security.

He has been interviewed for National news stories about hazards to public figures, stalking, domestic violence, and student violence.