Sarah Rosenberg

Vice President
Business Operations

Through innovative technologies that enhance data organization, improve system automation, and reduce redundancies, Sarah Rosenberg leads a business operations team that continuously streamlines our business practices. Her operational expertise also extends to high-level strategic projects and managing operations with our firm’s partners and preferred service providers.

Previously, Sarah directed and oversaw the operations of our Security Design team, where she assisted with the development, planning, and execution of security assessments for ultra-high net worth individuals and corporate clients. Leveraging her extensive knowledge of GDBA, Sarah identified unique opportunities to serve our clients and meet their varying security needs.

Throughout her entire tenure at GDBA, Sarah remains instrumental in building teams, designing operations, and streamlining processes. As a manager, she directed our screening and investigation process for applicants, spearheaded quality-control operations for our Protective Security Division, and led a team of thought leaders and subject-matter experts in our Risk Management division.

National Security Experience: Information provided in this brief bio does not include the associate’s background in National Security or military work designated as Secret or Top Secret, and does not include experience that is otherwise non-public.