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School Resource Officer

Active Shooter Prevention: Let’s Match Student Courage with Real Change

— By focusing as much on prevention as we do on response, students, teachers, and parents can better recognize active shooters before they attack.

Domestic Violence: When Domestic Violence Cases Intersect with the Workplace

— Many victims of domestic violence attempt to escape their abusers by residing at unknown locations. Consequently, the victims’ workplace often becomes the one reliable place abusers can find them. Here are some ways employers can better protect their employees from domestic violence.

What Are We Doing? A New Look at Active Shooter Training

— Hiding under a desk is not a tactical plan that helps anyone, except the shooter.

Then and Now: Comparing FBI Active Shooter Stats

— From 2011 to 2014, the rate of mass shootings in America tripled. By the end of 2017, things are even worse -- much worse.

Prevent School Shootings through Realistic Solutions

— How to prevent school shootings? GDBA’s Vice President for Protection Strategies, James Hamilton, offers real, practical and specific solutions.