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10 Questions Deep: How to Assess your Corporate Security and Executive Protection Teams

— How can Chief Security Officer’s asses their security teams? James Hamilton, GDBA's VP of Protection Strategies, offers a great solution -- go "10 Questions Deep."

Domestic Violence: When Domestic Violence Cases Intersect with the Workplace

— Many victims of domestic violence attempt to escape their abusers by residing at unknown locations. Consequently, the victims’ workplace often becomes the one reliable place abusers can find them. Here are some ways employers can better protect their employees from domestic violence.

Global Intelligence Analysts: Preparing Corporate Employees for International Travel

— How corporate security programs are relying upon Global Intelligence Analysts to prepare their employees, logistically and culturally, for international travel and provide a 24-hour security resource for employees before, during, and after their travel.

Matching Corporate Security with Startup Culture

— How a friendly demeanor and a de-escalation mindset helps Corporate Security teams assimilate with startup culture and earn the trust of millennial employees

Why a “Hands-Off” Security Policy Increases a Company’s Liability

— To improve security and reduce liability, I encourage corporate and enterprise clients to create policies that support -- and don’t contradict -- their expectations for safety.