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Four Tips for a Safer Super Bowl

— Though security and law enforcement will oversee downtown Atlanta and Mercedes-Benz Stadium throughout Super Bowl weekend, attendees can improve their own personal safety by following these tips.

Stadium Safety & Security Tips: How to Protect Yourself and Others During the Big Game

— Former NFL security specialist and current GDBA Protector, Michael Burk, offers some precautionary safety and security tips for anyone attending a packed football stadium this fall.

Film Set Security

Grips, Gaffers, and Guards: 4 Bodyguard Tips for Protecting Talent on a Film Set

— For security professionals, film sets can be a confusing environment of strange lingo and constant distraction. GDBA’s Vice President, Ben Zeifman, offers 4 tips for protecting talent on a film set.

Public Figures on Stage: How to Protect Them

— Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent and creator of the Bureau’s Close Protection course, James Hamilton, offers some helpful strategies for protecting public figures during Known Public Appearances.