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Effective Ways to Protect Children from Online Predators

— Through open-minded, casual, and consistent conversations about the internet and social media, GDBA’s online security expert, Brian Creter, offers parents realistic and effective methods for protecting their children from online predators.

Preliminary Assessment: Suspicious Packages Sent to Prominent Americans

— As has already been widely reported, a series of packages containing what are reported to be “pipe bombs” have been sent to multiple individuals and organizations. Though the situation continues to evolve, we are providing our preliminary assessment for situational awareness.

Domestic Violence: When Domestic Violence Cases Intersect with the Workplace

— Many victims of domestic violence attempt to escape their abusers by residing at unknown locations. Consequently, the victims’ workplace often becomes the one reliable place abusers can find them. Here are some ways employers can better protect their employees from domestic violence.

Public Figure Pursuit: “Stopping the Communications” Is a Common Goal

— Gabrielle Thompson, Vice President of Threat Assessment Strategies and Senior Instructor at GDBA’s Advanced Threat Assessment Academy, discusses persistent public figure pursuers, the common goal of wanting pursuers to stop communicating, and proven strategies for managing the pursuit.