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10 Questions Deep: How to Assess your Corporate Security and Executive Protection Teams

— How can Chief Security Officer’s asses their security teams? James Hamilton, GDBA's VP of Protection Strategies, offers a great solution -- go "10 Questions Deep."

Gavin de Becker Training Instructors

Preparation: How GDBA Protectors Save Lives

— Through training and constant evaluation, GDBA protectors are prepared to save lives. Here are two recent examples where they did just that.

Protectors Saving Lives: The Importance of Medical Training

— The most common emergency protectors respond to are medical. Here's why exceptional protectors must be proficient in emergency First Aid and CPR.

Practice vs. Theory in Executive Protection

— With such a diverse range of subjects to study in Executive Protection, there is little time to waste on methodologies that aren’t effective.

Role of Firearms in Executive Protection Part 2

Role of Firearms in Executive Protection (Part 2)

— By Overcoming Our Reliance on Firearms, We Can Improve our Executive Protection Strategies

Time And Distance Drill

Role of Firearms in Executive Protection (Part 1)

— In Part-One of this Two-Part series on the role of firearms in executive protection, GDBA Senior Vice President, James Hamilton, discusses his personal journey as a Protector and how as a younger FBI Special Agent he incorrectly prioritized firearms in his protection planning.

World-Class Executive Protection Training Begins with Fundamentals

— Do you want your executive protection training to be cool or effective? Bill Duchene, one of the world’s most sought after protection experts, reveals his Template for fundamental-based executive protection training.

Government Agency Approves GDBA Training Program for Veterans

— Through GDBA’s On-The-Job training program, eligible Military Veterans and Dependents can utilize their GI Bill® for additional income during the first 2 years of their employment.

What Are We Doing? A New Look at Active Shooter Training

— Hiding under a desk is not a tactical plan that helps anyone, except the shooter.

Why a “Hands-Off” Security Policy Increases a Company’s Liability

— To improve security and reduce liability, I encourage corporate and enterprise clients to create policies that support -- and don’t contradict -- their expectations for safety.

Training for Protectors - Gavin de Becker & Associates

— Gavin de Becker & Associates trains professionals to protect the world's most influential people and enterprises. Watch this short video to meet their instructors, see their facilities, and watch their trainees in action! Visit the website at https://gdba.com

Prevent School Shootings through Realistic Solutions

— How to prevent school shootings? GDBA’s Vice President for Protection Strategies, James Hamilton, offers real, practical and specific solutions.