Vincent O'Neill


During his career with the United States Secret Service (1983 – 2003), Vincent protected two U.S. Presidents and many other world leaders, and rose to several leadership positions. He was then appointed to the senior-most security position at the International Monetary Fund, where he served until being recruited by GDBA in 2023.

As Security Chief at the IMF, Vincent was responsible for the Protective Security program for the Managing Director, Workplace Violence Program, Global Security Operations Center, Business Continuity, and the Hazardous Material Team. In addition to protecting the POTUS and other world leaders during his tenure with the USSS, Vincent served as a criminal investigations instructor and managed the Service’s entire weapons systems program.

A few other highlights from Vincent’s career:

• Served four years on the Presedential Protective Detail and was selected for the USSS’s elite Counter Assault Team.
• Certified Secret Service Firearms Instructor and recipient of Distinguished Expert Marksman designation (top 1%).
• Built and led the IMF’s protective security and threat assessment programs, which became a model emulated by other prominent organizations.
• Developed the IMF’s first Domestic Violence Prevention & Response Program.

Vincent holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York. Among other academic achievements, he is a graduate of Georgetown University’s prestigious leadership academy for International Security Managers.