Surviving an active shooter incident is dramatically increased through basic and correct training.  Unfortunately, training such as “Run, Hide, Fight,” are incomplete — focusing entirely on reaction to violence and neglecting the importance of prevention through early identification and notification.

Master Instructors

James Hamilton served 17 years as a Special Agent in the FBI, where he developed the Bureau’s Close Protection Course and served as Security Adviser for the Director of the FBI and the U.S. Attorney General. His specially designed training courses are still taught at the FBI, NSA, NYPD, and many other government agencies. Mr. Hamilton’s Active Shooter training modules teach both Prevention and Response. Modules are interactive, practical, and tailored for each client’s unique circumstances.


Bill Duchene has led large protection teams across six continents and consulted on security matters with several national security and intelligence agencies. He continues to develop training curriculums and provide instruction for corporate security teams and government agencies around the world.



Training Modules We can abbreviate or amplify these modules and timelines to best accommodate each organization’s unique circumstances.

Module teaches a basic understanding and application of GDBA’s Four Pillars of Survival:
  • Early Identification
  • Early Notification
  • Early Evacuation
  • Early Confrontation

Module also includes:

  • Decision making process during a crisis
  • Improving situational awareness
  • Becoming an active participant in your own survival
  • Q & A
In addition to the aforementioned lecture, this module presents three realistic scenarios, illuminating the common behaviors and vulnerabilities that precede an active shooter attack.
In addition to the aforementioned lecture and scenarios, this module includes our instructors’ assessment of a client’s entire facility, including doors, hallways, and entry points, and providing recommendations for enhancements specific to an active shooter attack.
In addition to the aforementioned training modules, we help organizations develop policies for handling an emergent active shooter situation. Once policies and strategies are established, we train managers and/or employees to our standard and the policies agreed upon and established by their employer.
  • Fortune 500 Corporations
  • Schools and Universities
  • News Media Outlets
  • Studio and Production Companies
  • Military Bases



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