Privacy Policy

Gavin de Becker & Associates does not collect or save information from individuals
through this Website as a matter of course.

Any submissions received via this Website are used by Gavin de Becker & Associates
only for the purpose of (a) responding to submitted inquiries or comments and/or (b)
general database information which is maintained by Gavin de Becker & Associates as
confidential information.

Gavin de Becker & Associates does, from time to time, enter into agreements with its
clients to supply background investigations for existing or prospective employees. All
such investigations are conducted in strict compliance with the FCRA and state, local,
or international laws as may be applicable. All information obtained by Gavin de Becker
& Associates is used for the sole purpose of providing background and investigative
information to its contracted clients.

All information obtained is obtained pursuant to existing and applicable laws and
limitations and within the parameters of all applicable legal limits. Information supplied
to or obtained by Gavin de Becker & Associates in the course of its background
investigative services for contracted clients, is held by Gavin de Becker & Associates in
strict confidence.

Personal Information Disclosure United States or Overseas: Gavin de Becker &
Associates does not supply any information to any person or entity outside the United
States or its Territories except when specifically contracted to do so as set forth below,
in which instance such information is supplied on a confidential basis and in accordance
with all applicable laws and regulations.

Gavin de Becker & Associates does not sell information to any third party except for
purposes of providing legally permissible background investigative services to its
contracted clients on an individual and case by case basis. Gavin de Becker &
Associates does not vend, sell or give any such information to any other person, entity
or organization for any purpose whatsoever. All such information is retained by Gavin
de Becker & Associates for archival purposes and for compliance with applicable
retention legislation in various states and under Federal Law. Such information is
retained solely to permit Gavin de Becker & Associates to comply with statutory
disclosure obligations in the event such information is legally required to be provided to
the subject thereof.

Gavin de Becker & Associates does not publish, distribute, disseminate or in any other
manner make available to any third party or the general public, any information obtained
by it either through this website or via any investigative activities. For further
information respecting any specific policies or procedures of Gavin de Becker &
Associates, please contact Joshua Gausman in our main office.

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