For nearly five decades, the world’s most prominent and at-risk people have sought advice and protection from Gavin de Becker and Associates.

Our firm has provided more than twenty-million hours of protective security and strategic consultation. We sought to learn from each of those hours toward the goal of finding what really works — what is real, what is practical, and what really has value to clients.

Through this experience, Mr. de Becker curated a Brain Trust of the nation’s foremost experts. Here are a few of those individuals whose collective abilities form our Strategic Advisory Group.

Some of our offerings include:

    • General Advisory: Members of the Strategic Advisory Group provide consultation regarding all variety of matters that challenge our clients’ safety, privacy, and peace of mind. They also help clients build new programs intended to reduce risk and enhance safety. Service as an advisor in this capacity can take on several forms, for which we work closely with our clients to scope and design.
    • GAPS Analysis: Advice and consultation provided by our Strategic Advisory Group are often intended to find gaps and improve an existing program. This might be related to Executive Protection, Threat Assessment & Management, Workplace Violence Prevention, Active Shooter, and so on. Our GAPS Analysis methodology adapts to any such program.
    • IRS 132 Independent Security Study: Fringe benefits are generally taxable to the “employee” receiving them. However, certain circumstances provide an exemption (i.e., prominent executives and at-risk individuals with business-oriented security concerns). Flying private aviation can be one such exemption and treated as a deductible expense — sometimes along with other security related costs. For such expenses to be deductible, the IRS requires an “independent security study” be performed by someone considered an expert on relevant matters.

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