Hiring Military Veterans

Our workforce is 60 percent military veterans – a number we are proud of, and the reason why our firm is second to none.

By The Numbers


More than 400 GDBA Associates are Veterans


GDBA Recruiters attended over 100 Military & Veteran Career Events


Veterans represent 65% of our Protective Security Division


More than 200 GDBA associates have utilized a portion of their GI Bill® benefits for additional income without any additional workload. Learn More.


Hiring Veterans

Ten years as a GDBA protector and going strong, Matt Bohatch discusses his background as a U.S. Marine and his transition to GDBA.

Veterans Volunteering

GDBA is proud to continue its partnership with The Mission Continues, a veteran-led organization dedicated to helping underserved communities through volunteer work.

Financial Benefits - GI Bill®

Many GI Bill® eligible Protectors who work for GDBA in California are collecting additional income on top of their GDBA earnings with no additional workload. Every month, more newly hired protectors are using this incredible benefit. Read More Here.

Veteran Spotlights


  • United States Marine Corps Sergeant and Scout Sniper
  • Combat Veteran of Afghanistan
  • US Ambassador’s PSD in Iraq, US. Dept. of State contractor

David joined GDBA in 2017 as a Special Field Services Protector.  In the first three years of his career here, he has protected high-profile clients in 22 different countries and counting.  Currently, he is a member of the travel team for our firm’s highest-profile client.  During his time at GDBA, David continues to serve as an instructor within the Training Division and runs security details around the globe.

Why, after 3 and a half years, have you stayed at GDBA?
“In this career, every day, we protect people from becoming victims of harm, harassment, and embarrassment.  This profession demands creative solutions to oftentimes complicated or potentially dangerous situations.  These challenges, and the high-paced nature of the work, is what drew me here and what keeps me here today.  Freedom dies in fear.  We protect that freedom for hundreds of clients every day.”


  • Retired as an Army First Sergeant
  • Combat Veteran and Cavalry Scout
  • Liberated numerous hostages during a raid in Iraq

Nick joined our firm in 2011 as a Protector and advanced quickly through our merit-based promotional system. During his career, Nick led a residential protection detail for one of the world’s most influential business leaders and played key roles during protection assignments in the UK, Continental Europe, and Israel.  More recently, Nick served as a Chief Instructor within our Training Division, where he trained various companies and corporations in active shooter prevention and response. Nick currently leads the recruitment and candidate outreach for our Protective Security Division, with an emphasis on hiring military veterans.


Why after 9 years, why do you stay with GDBA?
“That’s easy. It’s the people. Every day I work with like-minded professionals driven to succeed. Our mission is protecting human life; we train for it and take it very seriously. Recently, we had two separate incidents where a GDBA protector saved a human life. That says it all.  Also, in just 8 years, I’ve led a multi-layered protection team for one of the world’s premiere business leaders, I’ve played key roles in training hundreds of GDBA associates in Close Protection, and what I’m most proud of, I’ve recruited and helped hire hundreds of military veterans – and I’m still doing it today!”


  • United States Marine Corps Sergeant
  • Served 9 years with multiple combat deployments to Iraq
  • Awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medal for his actions in Iraq

Erick joined GDBA in 2012 as an entry-level protector and advanced through our merit-based promotional system. He currently leads a residential protection team for a high-profile client in Atlanta, GA. During his time at GDBA, Erick has also led residential protection teams in Los Angeles, and planned and supervised security operations for several large-scale events in the southeastern U.S.


Why after 8 years, have you stayed at GDBA?
“Personal growth. In the Marine Corps I was the quiet aggressive infantryman. Since joining GDBA, I’ve learned how to communicate professionally, whether I’m speaking to a world-famous client or to one of the 38 vendors, 4 staff members, and endless stream of visitors entering this property every day.  As I’ve grown at GDBA, I’ve gained promotions. Moreover, GDBA continues to take good care of my family and me here in Atlanta.”

Reserves and National Guard

GDBA recognizes and honors our many associates in the Military Reserves and National Guard.

In 2018, the California National Guard awarded GDBA leadership the National Guard’s Employer Patriot Award for supporting our associates in the National Guard.

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