We don’t hire employees.
We hire leaders.

Protective Security


The Selection Process typically lasts 6 weeks, culminating with our 10‐Day Essential Protections Skills Training Academy held multiple times a year in Los Angeles.


GDBA’s Professional Leadership Track (PLT) is a 2‐year on‐the‐job training curriculum that prepares protectors for future leadership positions at GDBA or in their next career.


GDBA’s promotional system is merit‐based. Performance matters most, not seniority.


GDBA offers hundreds of training courses, exercises, and certifications. Each step throughout the 2‐year PLT and beyond is measured and evaluated by the Training Division to ensure every associate continually gains proficiency, experience, and confidence.


We care about one thing: Performance.


Our culture is embodied by three aspects of our work:
1) merit‐based, 2) bureaucracy‐free, and 3) opportunity‐driven.


Many associates protect our clients at their residences, while others are assigned to corporate Global Operations Centers or other business locations that demand close protection. Most protectors are assigned to a multitude of details within their first year.


The first two years at GDBA:

  • 5,000 hours protecting some of the world's most at-risk individuals and
  • 500 hours of training, mentoring, instructing, and certification
  • 4 academies completed at the Gavin de Becker Institute
  • Eligible for three promotions laddering to position of Security Staff Leader
  • Eligible CA-based Military Veterans and dependents are qualified to utilize
    the GI Bill® for PLT as additional income up to the first 2 years of

Training Our Protectors

Upcoming Recruitment Events

Event: LAAFB

Date: 2019-04-23

Address: Los Angeles Air Force Base Bldg. 270 GCC

Event: Miramar Info Brief

Date: 2019-05-01

Address: MCAS Miramar Building 5305, The HUB Classroom 8

Event: Camp Pendleton Law Enforcement & First Responders Career Fair

Date: 2019-05-09

Address: Camp Horno Regiment Training Facility, MCB Camp Pendleton, CA

Event: Ft. Bliss

Date: 2019-05-15

Address: Centennial Club 11199 Sergeant E Chruchill St Ft. Bliss, TX

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